(A picture of downtown Louisville from the top of my boyfriends apartment building)

In two short days, Saturday March 6th, will mark my one week anniversary of officially living in Louisville! I can't believe how fast the time has gone.

So, what have I been up to my first week in Louisville? I must sheepishly admit that I haven't gotten as much accomplished as I should or needed to.

Saturday and Sunday were recuperation days from the grueling 13 hour car ride with a little unpacking here and there. Monday I had an interview, then settled in a bit more. Tuesday I had another interview, settled in a bit more, and applied to tons of jobs. Wednesday I went to the DMV to get my new Kentucky license and plates, PJ and I went to check out his new day care center, then went grocery shopping, I applied to more jobs and finally finished unpacking completely (thanks Jeanette, Ian and Camille for all your help!!). Thursday (today) I didn't do much more than lounge around, start laundry,  apply to a few jobs, and try to get over this nasty cold that hit me last night. Blech.

Oh! You may be wondering how the interviews went! The one on Monday went great! It's with a staffing agency and there are three potential positions they think would be good fits for me. They've just got to finalize the contract with the companies I'd be working for before we can move forward in the process. Sometimes working via staffing agencies is the PITS but I've found that when I'm in need of a job, they can generally provide one the fastest! So, I'm really anxious to hear back but right now all I can do is be patient and follow up every few days.

The interview on Tuesday went TERRIFIC. I got the job and it pays well! Downside? It's part time (20 hours a week) with no benefits. Yes, I could definitely take the position  to have some income flow (hey--I'll take something over nothing) however, I've still not completely made up my mind about this yet. See, I was connected to this individual via my roommate (thanks again Jeanette) who does the book keeping for the company. My interview was with the owner of the company and he specifically mentioned how he's exhausted resources (time and money/training) on individuals who join the company and then leave shortly after. He needs someone who will stick with him but this is just not doable for me long term. There is just no way I can go without full time hours and medical benefits for myself and son. I sent him an email explaining this and that if he still wanted me to work (until I got a full time job somewhere) I'd be more than happy to. I'd just rather be up front and honest about my needs career wise, even if he tells me 'thanks but no thanks'. BUT it does seem like a really great job and the owner of the company is super super nice. (If you have thoughts about this situation please drop a comment  :) )

Oh, and of course I've applied to tons of other jobs via staffing websites and news paper ADs as well.

Hmm....I'm not sure if I've really made tons of progress for my first week here, but then again, the week isn't over! I still have tomorrow. And boy do I have an agenda: open bank account, go back to the DMV, stop by companies that I've applied to and follow up on my resume, play WoW, finish laundry, change car insurance information, and change my address at the USPS. Well, I guess that list isn't too bad. Maybe I'm just lazy and everything seems more overwhelming than it really is /shrug shoulders.

So, in a nutshell, everything is going great! AND I could potentially start working next week. We'll see! Over all I'm very optimistic and extremely excited about finding a new career opportunity out here (to hold me over until I get certified for ASL that is).

For those of you at home, I miss you and love you VERY much!!! To my new friends and "family" here, I'm so glad to be apart of your lives now and am enjoying every second!!!



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