River Front Park

 This was our beautiful view of the river from the play ground.

Today was a gorgeous, 75 degree, slightly breezy, SUNNY day. If winter comes back with frigid temperatures or if any sort of precipitation starts to fall (other than rain) I will be severely pissed. I am loving these Spring days and Mother Nature has given me enough crap this year (being snowed in at the house in VA for days due to a blizzard, had to drive three extra hours to Louisville due to a blizzard...screw you Winter!).  So, bring it on warm weather and sunshine- I've been waiting and ready for you!!

I took PJ to River Front Park in downtown Louisville this afternoon. He had a TON of fun (again) but this time going to the park was different. And different in an AWESOME way! You're probably wondering why. Well, my friends, I made my first new friend here today (at the park)! She is just a few years older than me, has a 2 1/2 year old  devil child too, and moved to Louisville just last November! It's going to be awesome to get together and let the devils kids play while we talk/hang out. We had a fun conversation, exchanged numbers, and I'm excited to get in touch with her again soon! Meeting new people is half the fun and excitement in moving to a new place!

Here are a few pictures of PJ at the park:

King of the hill! Ha...Halo reference ftw!

He had a huge, amazing play ground to play at and all my kid wants to do is play in the dirt....

So, anyway. Work at my part-time job is still going great. I'm picking up things very fast and have been learning a ton my first week there. I also set up another interview for a full time (administrative) position tomorrow at 3:00PM, keep your fingers crossed for me!



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