Lets celebrate!

Friends and family, today I have spectacular news to share! News that made my day. No, my YEAR(s). I am so excited and so pumped! This gives me an extra reason to throw back a few beers on St Patricks day to celebrate!

Curious yet?

So, here's the deal. I currently work part-time in a very small office (it's just my boss and I). I previously shared my dilemma about this job when I was offered the position, but ultimately I decided to accept it.

My boss's father also owns his own business (they're both in the insurance industry). I am assuming my boss shared how well I'm picking up on the training, etc, with his father because today he (my boss's father) offered to fill the rest of my work week with hours at his office!! You know what this means folks, I HAVE A 40 HOUR WORK WEEK NOW! YES!!!!!!!!! I am going to survive this move. I made it! I am officially working full time.

You can imagine the stress-relief this gives me. All my bills are going to be paid! Food will be on the table every night! Gas will be in my car!!

I am an incredibly lucky girl. Not only am I extremely blessed and thankful for these opportunities, but I am happy to admit that I even look forward to work each day! I truly enjoy what I do now and I know I will in the other position as well.

Insurance industry, here I come!


P.S. I would like to edit/update my VA(DC area) vs KY (Louisville) comparison list:

  • Kentucky cars only have rear licence plates where as Virginia requires front and rear licence plates. It took me a little while to adjust to seeing vanity plates on the front of cars here.
  • There are no Chic-Fil-A's in Kentucky (I know, depressing right!!) WRONG! I was totally misinformed. There are local Chic-Fil-A's. I didn't think it was possible to be more inlove with Louisville but having Chic-Fil-A's here makes it official!
  • On the flip side, there are Sonic's everywhere....Score! (Virginia has zero Sonic's)
  • In Kentucky, "Hi" is pronounced "Hai" and "Bye" is pronounced "Bai". (Please oh please oh please don't start picking up that accent! Yes, I just spoke to myself. On my blog. For everyone to see. /facepalm. I mean NO OFFENCE to those with the Kentucky accent, more power to ya!)
  • College sports in Kentucky are a HUGE deal. In Virginia we (edited) they could care less. Pro sports for the win!
  • In Kentucky, if you're in an elevator with people you betchya you're going to be expected to say Hello and make small talk. In Virginia, people avoid small talk, etc, like the plauge.
  • Kentucky rush hour traffic is thirty minutes to one hour tops as opposted to Virginia's annoying, horrible, grueling, two to three hour rush hour traffic! WOOT
  • In Kentucky, when people tell me thier number (or when numbers are advertised) they don't say the area code. In Virginia you always say the area code first and then the number. /shrug
  • A trip to the DMV in Kentucky took me 20 minutes including recieveing a copy of my new Drivers Licence. A trip to the DMV in Virginia took me one to two hours and I'd have to wait 7 business days to get the copy of my Drivers Licence in the mail. (ghey)
  • When getting a Drivers Licence in Kentucky you can SMILE for the picture. In Virginia you cannot. (seriously, I'm not kidding)


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