Fire, Fire!

I was just minding my own business doing homework and PJ was happily playing with his toys when all of a sudden we hear a loud noise.

"Mama! What's dat??" Uuumm...good question, what the hell is that. Flashing lights, loud buzzing, ooooooohhhhhhhhh-- duh! It's the fire alarm!! A drill maybe? No, this isn't high school. I gotta get PJ out of the building!! I threw my coat on, got PJ's shoes and coat on, snagged our passports, my purse and we high tailed it out of there (taking the stairs of course). Thank goodness we only live on the third floor!!!! Most everyone evacuated and I felt bad for the people up on the 16th floor who had to walk all the way down.

Five minutes later, two big red flashing Louisville fire department trucks were parked right in front of our apartment building- PJ was in heaven! Then about ten fully decked out fire fighters walked past us and into the building ready to take care of business- PJ was jumping up and down in excitement when he saw "real" firefighters.

Ten minutes later we were told that there was no fire and could go back inside. No more of an explanation was given, but hey- there is no fire and i'm a-ok with that news alone.

Snagged this picture of a figher fighter before she left. She was a beast!

When we got back in the apartment, PJ takes off his coat, turns to me and says "That was a close one Mama". I laughed for like five minutes. Surprisingly appropriate response for a three year old.

What a night. It got me thinking... what if there really was a fire. What if it was on my floor or even in my apartment? What is truly important to have in  a fire proof safe or in a grab-and-go location in case of an emergency like this? Answers to come in another post, another day. For now I think I'm going to try and finish my homework...


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