Photo & Ten Facts

This idea was stolen (yes, stolen) from a 31 day challenge another blogger posted. Sadly, I'm not motivated enough to participate in the full 31 day blogging challenge (which includes a new topic and blog post each day.) so I decided to cheat and just do day Day 1: post a photo and ten facts about yourself. I hope I didn't break some sort of blogger law by doing this...

August 28th 2010

  1.  I love video games and is my virtual home away from home.
  2.  I haven't lived in the same geographical location of any close friends for a period longer than two years. Ever.
  3. I graduated high school by the skin of my teeth. I had a rough few years around that time in my life.
  4. I've been a single parent and sole supporter of my son for two years and ten months so far. He is three and a half.
  5. I eat hot sauce on everything. Seriously, everything.
  6. I hate shopping.
  7. I have three favorite colors; brown, pink, and white. And yes, I know white is technically a shade.
  8. I have two sisters; 24 and 6.
  9. My boyfriend goes to Med School in the Caribbean. Long distance sucks, but he's amazing. Couldn't be more proud.
  10. My absolute favorite thing to do is explore a new place (preferably city) that I've never been to before. Traveling rocks.

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  1. Your new blog look is rockin'!

    fact #11. - I have a potty mouth when I play Reach. Drinking may or may not be involved.