One Year

A rooftop view of Louisville from my apartment building - taken one year ago.

It’s been one year today. One year of beautiful new friendships. One year of immense personal growth. One year of amazing career opportunities. One year of watching my wonderful son develop from a baby to a little man. One year full of love and happiness with the man of my dreams. One year of adventure and excitement.
Today is the one year anniversary I arrived in Louisville. I remember it like yesterday; driving through the grueling blizzard all night, arriving at my new home, excitement and thrill coursing through my body, hope of a bright future in the palm of my hand.

At my new home March 1, 2010. Thanks again to Chris and Lynds for all of your help!

At this time last year I was job searching like crazy. Simultaneously I searched for a good day care for PJ so that when I landed a job everything would be set. I was unpacking and settling into my new home. I was exploring my new city and all it had to offer. I was a nervous, scared, and sometimes the only thing I could do was cross my fingers and pray that everything would turn out OK; that the decision to start this new chapter in my life was not in vain.
Dave and PJ the morning we arrived.

Dave and PJ the night we arrived.

What's going on just a year later? On March 12th 2010 (just two weeks after arriving in Louisville) I landed a great job at an insurance agency and found PJ a great home daycare to boot. I’ve been happily employed in the insurance industry since-even scoring my Insurance Agents License after passing the dreadful state exam! PJ has been at a new wonderful daycare center learning and growing each day for the last 7 months. I have my own cozy apartment (having moved from renting the a basement of a home). I am in school and worried about the Sociology essay due tomorrow- but so thankful that I’m finally a STUDENT! I have months of memories stored in my heart of wonderful times spent with Dave and other amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting here.
My right hand man (err, I mean woman) for the majority of my time here in Louisville.Miss you, Ash!
My life is an amazing one. The waves of unknown and opportunity wash upon the shores of my life. As I walk lightly on the sand, through all chapters of my life, I simply feel blessed and am thankful for each new day.

Thank you for taking part of this journey with me. May there be MANY more rants, stories, random thoughts, and exciting news to share in the weeks, months, and years to come!

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