So big so soon

Watching PJ grow and develop his "big boy" personality is so amazingly awesome. It's the thing about mommy hood right now that I enjoy MOST. He's absorbing knowledge like a sponge. Some of the things he has done in the past few days have really made me realize just how much he's growing up though....

2009 Mothers Day Picture 

PJ happily trotted over to me and said "Mama!!! My birfday is in gaugast" I was confused by what gaugast was, but after having him repeat it a few times I realized he was trying to say his birthday is in August. Wow!! He 1) knows what a birthday is and 2) understands that there is a special month of the year that it's in. I was so proud!!!!

PJ was playing with his legos one day and had constructed something that looked like, well, a bunch of lego's smacked together. He says "Mama! Look!! It's E for Esabel!" His best girl friend's name at day care is Isabel. PJ believes that it starts with an E and "made" the letter E out of legos for her. Super sweet!!

Janurary 2011. He loves his little computer!

He also said he's going to marry Isabel and that she is his "girlfriend". You are just out of diapers, why is this starting so soon!??!!!!

He always asks to play Halo, or World Of Warcraft. Sorry buddy, not yet! When you're hands are big enough to use the controller, we'll talk. And WoW? I can barely play that game because it's so complicated. Yep- I'm placing a "You're waiting to play this game until you get your own house" ban on it. Which of course will probably be forgotten by his 10th birthday. But he can at least wait until he's 10, can't he???


"Mama! Give me some pwavacy. Close the door!" Is now PJ's demand every time he goes to the bathroom. Privacy because he is a "big boy" is his new thing. Well okay dude, you got it!

I lay out his clothes every night and PJ dresses himself in the mornings. Once in a while he gets the shoes on the wrong feet, or a backwards shirt, but for the most part he does fantastic! It is such a huge help because it cuts down the time it takes to get out the door every morning!

February 2011. Happy camper

He is starting to listen when I ask him to clean up- the FIRST time!!! (I probably shouldn't have said that out loud- I don't want it to stop!!!).

PJ has become quite the gentleman. He opens all the doors for mommy on his own accord (if he can manage).

An oldy but a goodie. Fall 2009

Every day in the car ride to day care there is a question and answer session. "Mama, what do birds do?" Me: "They eat worms and fly" PJ: "Why?" Me: "They eat to stay strong and they fly so they can find food and go home" PJ: "Why?" Me: "Er... well, because that's what they do" PJ: "WHY?" Me: *confused as how to further explain*

Although he's getting so big and so smart -he's still affectionate and he's still my baby boy. Not a morning comes that he doesn't crawl in bed with me around 8:00AM and say "I wuv you mama, good morning. Time to wake up".

December 2010. "Caution" on PJ's shirt is right. They look devious! I love my boys

I LOVE watching him grow!!!!! I know I'll blink and he'll be in college, but i'm going to soak it up now while I can. Life is too short! I'll carry these precious times with me forever. One day when PJ really is all grown up, maybe we will sit down together and read the silly, adorable things he used to do as my sweet little boy. Until then, watch out world-this kid is gettin sharp!