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When I got home Wednesday (yesterday) night I found my HP laptop dead. Kaput. Donezo. I squeezed many good years of use out of that puppy and it was handed down from a very generous co-worker prior to me owning it, so I couldn't really be too upset that it had thrown in the towel.

Ironically, some research on laptops had been done a few weeks ago so I had a few ideas of what I wanted in a new PC. After a few hours of continued research (yes, I rushed my decision a little-but I had to buy a new one ASAP for school) I pulled the trigger and bought my new laptop from I'd never used before but a lot of friends have been talking about it, so naturally I wanted to see what the rave was about (and now I know).

I chose Next Day Air Saver delivery hoping to get my laptop before the weekend (again, priority for school). I checked up on the order status today around 1:00PM and was a little disturbed to see that it was still only in the verification process (making sure it wasn't a fraudulent purchase). I signed on to the "live chat" customer service feature on NewEgg's website and was talking to a service representative within 2 minutes. The rep told me that the order process was halted because the shipping address (my work address) was not the same as the address on the credit card I used. Long story short, I had to go straight to the bank and get the shipping address temporarily put on my account so that NewEgg could verify the purchase and continue with the order process.

At this point I was a little regretful for using NewEgg because I wasn't sure everything was going to pan out. I got back from the bank and again chose the "live chat" customer service feature. This time I was connected to a rep instantly. I told them that the shipping address was only going to be on my account temporarily and I needed them to verify the information now so that there wouldn't be any issues. The rep told me that the process could take up to 48 hours. I asked to speak with a supervisor about the hold up, but then the rep put a rush on my verification. The order was verified two minutes later and I was onto the shipping part of the order process (YAY!).

Around 4:50PM I was getting nervous because the order status still didn't show shipped. If they didn't ship the laptop today I wouldn't get it until Monday (one of the prior reps told me). Shoot. So I decided to call into customer service this time and actually speak with someone. After following the prompts I only waited 5 minutes before a rep answered. I explained the whole situation of what I had done so far today, that I had paid for Next Day Air Saver and that if I didn't get the laptop tomorrow (Friday) then Id like to just switch the shipping option back to the 3-day guarantee (free with purchase). The rep put a rush on my order (for shipping this time) and I got confirmation that I will be receiving the laptop tomorrow within 15 minutes of making the call.

I'm still astonished. I may have been a pain in the butt customer today, but their service was amazing. I never waited more than 5 minutes to speak to a rep no matter which way I decided to contact them (live chat or calling), they always sent follow up e-mails after each contact, and they always remedied my concerns immediately.

Hands down, this is the best customer service I have ever experienced. I know where I'll be making all future electronic purchases (and you should try them too-seriously).

You didn't think I would end this without showing you pics of my new laptop, did you?

Introducing my HP Pavilion DV6-3052NR


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