Camping... IN my apartment.

During our first week living in Dominica our water was shut off for a day. Yesterday (week two of being here) we came home to no electricity. At first we thought that we just ran out (electricity is bought prepaid) so Dave went to the store and bought us more electricity. It still didn't work. No AC, no lights (thank God for flashlights!), fridge was getting warm.... just not fun.

We called our landlord right away (around 8PM). Turns out our meter (what feeds electricity to our apartment) was broken and the repair person was about an hour away. Our landlord assured us that the meter would be fixed that night and to hang tight. Hearing some horror stories from other people about what we call "island time" (basically locals taking hours...or days... to get things done) I figured we'd be 'camping' out in our apartment for the night.

No internet, no lights, no AC, brushing our teeth in the dark, using a flashlight to go to the bathroom, having all of the windows open and hearing all the bugs chirping really did feel like camping!

Luckily, though, at around 10:30PM the repair guy and our landlord showed up at the apartment and fixed the meter. Around 11:00PM the electricity was back on. In Dominica, fixing a problem that quickly is a big deal. I was super impressed... and especially happy to have AC back. Crossing my fingers for no more mishaps :)


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