What do I do here?

A lot of people ask what I do here in Dominica while Dave is busy with Med School. Honestly, I really don't do too much of anything. Well, I won't for the next two weeks at least. Here is a glimpse of my daily routine:

7:40AM - Wake Up
8:15AM - Take PJ to daycare
9:00AM - Surf the web and hang out with Dave at the Study Hall (aka "the barn")
12:00PM - Lunch with Dave & PJ
1:00PM - Drop PJ back off at daycare and head back to the barn with Dave (i.e. more surfing the web)
5:00PM - Pick up PJ from daycare and go home
5:20-8:00PM - Play with PJ/Cook dinner/Put PJ to bed/Wait for Dave to get home
10:00PMish - Go to sleep.

Once in a while I'll go tan or hang out with friends. Oh, and on the weekends I plan on taking PJ to the pool/beach. But... that's pretty much it. Exciting, eh? Come June my summer classes start though so right now I'm just trying to enjoy my break and do as little as possible ( and I'm loving every minute!).


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