Dating a Medical Student

Dave doing what he does best--studying.

Being the significant other of a medical student is not for the faint of heart. Why?

*The student has long hours of studying every single day (yes, weekends too) and little time for...well, anything (and everyone) else.
The upside? When you do spend time together it's cherished and enjoyed to the fullest.

*They start talking in what seems like a foreign language. "1st generation antagonist"--what???
The upside? You learn something new everyday.

*The stress is tremendous so the student is on edge most of the time. Especially close to exam days.
The upside? It feels great to be the person to take care of them and help them relax.

*Clinical rotations. Some (surgery) entail working LONG hours and being on call. Some (peds) are a fairly light load. Either way, it's still a huge amount of stress and responsibility and you see them even less than the first two years of med school.
The upside? They are one more step toward achieving their dream of being an MD!

*You hear interesting stories about the cadaver dissections and/or shown 'interesting' pictures of all sorts of diseases that they learned during school.
The upside? Er... well, no upside. :)

*There is no such thing as solidifying plans. Normally you are flying by the seat of your pants.
The upside? You learn to be flexible and patient.

Dave is in the beginning of his second year of school and we're living life one lecture hour at a time. One day he'll be an attending and have a schedule that resembles some sort of normalcy, right??


  1. Hang in there Nikki I know it's not easy but I believe that with you guys doing it together you will both be successful.

    Mr. B

  2. Hi Nikki! I recently began following your blog, and have enjoyed reading your posts. I am dating a 1st year medical student, and I definitely can empathize with you in regards to managing life with a boyfriend who spends the majority of his time studying. It is tough at times, but I also agree with you that moments you spend with one another are cherished that much more. To make it even more complex, my boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship. It's so worth any challenges that have come our way so far...but takes effort for sure! If you're interested, you should follow my blog: or here at