We're not in Kansas Anymore

Since I always rave about how amazing it is here (did I mention the ocean water is warm??) I figured I'd do a post about the downsides of living in Dominica. Here is my list:
  • Not being able to say "Okay PJ, hop in the car, lets go!". Instead I am the car (pushing the stroller) everywhere we go.
  • I'm not thrilled about the bugs but I consider myself very lucky that our home is relatively bug-free.
  • The water got shut off for a day (that means no flushing the toilets or taking showers all day). Supposedly the water company shuts off water when it rains heavily. Oii vey...
Hmm....well, I tried really hard to think of other things that were not so great about living in Dominica but I couldn't come up with any more (so far anyway). Not being able to flush the toilet all day did suck though.

On an entirely different note, here are a few pictures of my new friends family here:

Group dinner outing!!

The guys!!! But somehow I didn't get Dave in this!



  1. The toilet thing sounds lousy, but everything else sounds so great there! I think I'd consider keeping a few jugs of water tucked away so you can "flush" the toilet when they shut off the water again!

  2. Brilliant idea!! We actually have a 5 gallon collapsable water gallon full and could have used that. Why didn't I think of that... :)