A trip to Roseau

Yesterday my friend Katie and I went to Roseau to visit another friend and to explore the capital of Dominica. To give an idea of what the travel is like from Portsmouth (where I live) to Roseau, here is a map:
About an hour drive.

To get from Portsmouth to Roseau you have to take a transport. What is a transport, exactly? Well, it's basically a taxi. Transport vans have the letter H on the license plate so you can identify them. You stand on the side of the road, flag them down, ask if they are going to where your destination is (in my case, Roseau), and if they are, you just hop in the van and enjoy the ride. Oh, and it's a shared van of anywhere from 1-10 other people. There is also a bus stop that you can go to if flagging down vans isn't your thing, but it's my understanding that they charge you a little more for the fee if you get a transport from there. Luckily Katie and I got a transport within minutes. Unfortunately, though, about half way through the trip our transport van experienced a little technical difficulty.

A flat tire is no fun.

We walked up the road a bit to stand in the shade while the men fixed the tire.

Surprisingly, it only took them about 10-15 minutes to replace the tire. We got to Roseau safe and sound, met up with my friend Rachel, and then it was time for some shopping. Rachel has lived in Dominica for 7 years now, so she was kind enough to give us a tour of all the shopping spots in Roseau.

I thought this sign was funny. Dusting powders, anybody? Zan's is one of the many stores we stopped at.

I don't remember what store this was in, but it's pretty awesome (and picture worthy) that they had mens underwear up on hangers.

After a few hours we were ready for some lunch, so we stopped at The Orchard for burgers.

First time I've had a burger in a month, score!

Just walking around--kind of a bad picture (whoops).

Overall, the trip was amazing. Roseau is so different than Portsmouth (in my opinion) and I loved it! I can't wait to explore more of this beautiful island :) Thanks again to Rachel and Katie for the amazing good time.


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