Dominica Day 2

Our apartment is totally unpacked (minus the barrel) and we're finally just relaxing. Here are some pictures from our adventures today:

Can you see the KFC sign? This pic was taken a few feet away from our apartment.

Dave showing PJ

That orange building is our apartment complex!

PJ looking for bugs.

He found a bug!!

But thought it was gross...

Loving Dominica!

Our view during breakfast (cloudy day).

Another shot.

Thank God I brought a stroller.

On our way back to the apartment.


  1. SOOO excited you are here!:)


  2. Stroller good idea...just don't let it get away cause it won't stop until it reaches the bottom of the hill......Splash!!! Use the brakes they work pretty well I tested them by pushing Mrs. B down the hill then hitting the brakes to check them out.

    Mr. B

  3. Did you get your barrel yet? If not do you have any idea where it is and when it will arrive???

    Mr. B

  4. No Dominica isn't to bad, but you will have hard days. I'm glad you like it so far. I remember getting there and thinking it was a lot better than I thought it would be. Glad you like your apartment it makes life there a whole lot easier. Soak up your next couple of days with Dave, you will miss him once school starts!