Dominica Day 1

Well, we made it! Over all the trip went very smoothly. Our first flight out of Louisville ended up getting cancelled. We got lucky though and our re-booked flights ended up getting us into San Juan an hour before we were originally scheduled to arrive! We stayed the night in San Juan last night, then flew to Dominica this afternoon.

PJ had a blast traveling. I'm not one to dote on her kid, but I'm going to dote right now. He did so well that people actually complimented him for how well he was (on all three flights). Ok, I'm done doting. Here are some pictures from the last two days:

Getting all of our luggage off the truck at Louisville airport.

And this is how I relax during my 4 hour wait for my re-booked flight.

He's doing it right too.

Minutes away from PJ's first flight take off !

Monkey see monkey do.

Nothing like some serious car action on an airplane.

Doing what I do best on airplanes.

Technology--I love it.

My first look at Dominica. Oh, and that is an airplane propeller on the left.

Once we arrived in Dominica we breezed through customs and got a transport to our apartment (which I LOVE). Three hours and five unpacked suitcases later we're slowly but surely making this place our home. My first impression of the island is "it's really not as bad as everyone makes it out to be". I have only been here for six hours though, so ask me again in a few weeks. Dave is going to take PJ and I on a mini island tour tomorrow. More pics and updates to come.

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  1. Looks Good ....sounds like the traveling went well so glad you all!!!

    MR. B