Laptop Shenanigans

It all started last semester when Dave's power adapter to his little M11X Alienware laptop got fried. Luckily he was able to find a universal power adapter after a few frustrating days (remember, there are no such stores as Walmart here). When he came home for break we were both presently surprised when Alienware decided to mail Dave a new power adapter free of charge ( this was about two months ago).

Fast forward to this past Saturday--life in Dominica was business as usual. Until Dave realized his laptop wouldn't turn on, that is. It would try to boot-up, then crash. This is every med students worse nightmare, they can't survive without a computer! For the entire day Dave tinkered with the laptop and was on the phone with Alienware tech support trying to fix it. Five days and a new hardrive later, the laptop is still not working.

Looooong story short, we're going to have to ship it back to the States to get fixed, then have it shipped back to us here. In the mean time, Dave has been using my laptop and we went to the university's IT department to be put on the waiting list for a loaner laptop (say that sentence 3 fast three times--I dare you). Four days went by and we keep dropping by the IT department to get updates about the loaner laptop since we were only second on the waiting list. There are a few things I dislike about the IT department here: 1) Every time we go in there they seem confused about their jobs. Every.Single.Time., 2) They only have two loaner laptops for the entire student body, 3) Today was the FIFTH day in a row that we've gone in there and they JUST decided to tell us that since Dave is in the honors program, "Pace", he could go to the Pace administration office and get a loaner there too. That office is literally one minute away, so we walk over to the office and less than five minutes later walk out with a loaner laptop. Couldn't they have told us that on day one?!?!

This week has been exhausting. I need less technology and more of this (my view at the pool while tanning):


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